Called To Communion Review


This week, we’re reviewing the “Called To Communion” show. It features Dr. David Anders and appears on both EWTN TV and the Catholic Global Radio Network (Catholic radio).


For this review, we watched a show that aired on Sunday, October 6, 2019. We viewed it at the EWTN website.


The show covered the topics below and more:

  • The substance of the “host” in the Holy Eucharist and the ability of a Protestant minister to change the host into the real presence of Jesus Christ (you’ll have to listen to hear Dr. Dave’s answer to that one — we’re not attempting to explain it in the review here online).
  • Did St. Paul corrupt Jesus’ words?
  • After we die, how do husbands and wives relate to each other in heaven? Is it the same? Do things change? If so, how do they change (what changes take place)?
  • Some “shortcuts” were made when I came into the Church as a convent. Am I really a Catholic anyway?
  • A lot of Protestants talk about “the rapture.” What is it that Catholics should believe about the rapture? What’s the truth?


That’s just some of the questions and discussions that took place in this show. What we liked about Dr. Dave’s responses is that, for the most part, he was straightforward with his answers. He addressed the questions directly and respectfully. Insofar as we could discern, he was not aggressive or angry in his replies — as we have heard some other “apologists” be at times.

We would summarize our assessment of the show by saying — WATCH it or LISTEN to it (depending upon whether you are at EWTN TV or the Global Radio Network). If you have any questions about the faith, this is one of several excellent Catholic programs that will help you with clear answers.


A final plea to all Catholics: “You live in an unprecedented era. Every question imaginable about the Catholic faith is answered right now on Catholic media.”

Trust the Church because you can trust Jesus. Quit viewing many of the common media outlets and programs today. They will infect your spirit and affect your thinking in an unholy direction. Instead, support Catholic media! Watch networks like EWTN and Catholic TV. And listen to Catholic radio or podcast every day!

In Christ!

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