As Cool As It Gets!

There’s a wonderful, old song that we know of as, “I Just Can’t Wait Til Christmas.” It summed up all of our sentiments when we were growing up.

Things Have Changed …

A lot has changed since then, of course, but we still look forward to Advent, Christmas Day, and the 12 Days of Christmas. These days, we know that Christmas is getting close when the Daughters of St. Paul’s (aka the “Media Nuns”) choir starts rehearsing for their annual Christmas concert tour. It’s a coast-to-coast soiree.

BTW, this year, we’re planning to be in the audience during their New Orleans concert. We had the joy of seeing the Media Nuns on Staten Island in 2018.

About This Picture …

We did a “digital painting” of the choir from a reference photo taken by the Daughters of St. Paul. Our picture depicts a scene that you can expect to see when you attend their Christmas concert this year.

For More Information …

For more information about the Daughters of St. Paul’s choir, check out their website ( Their CD’s are for sale and you can get information on the tour dates, locations, etc.

Catholic Cool …

The Daughters of St. Paul are really cool. Not only do they share in a special charism, but their coolness is so special, we have to say that they’re Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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