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We’ve known this little secret for a few years now. We first discovered it while attending a Catholic conference in Raleigh, and we’ve returned to this great restaurant almost every time we’ve visited Raleigh since we found it.


So what’s “Living Kitchen?” It’s a restaurant started by Juliana Luna specializing in organic, plant-based cuisine. We like to add that their meals are both pretty to look at and tasty to eat — and of course, they’re healthy too!

There are actually two Living Kitchens right now. Besides the one in Raleigh, there’s also a Living Kitchen in Charlotte. We don’t know how we missed visiting the Charlotte location, since we go to the “Queen City” fairly often. But we surely will add it to our itinerary for future visits.

The Living Kitchen is located in downtown Raleigh in the heart of all the activity. It’s practically right next door to the conference center (that’s how we found it the first time), and its very close to lots of hotels in the heart of Raleigh. We truly rejoiced when we found the Living Kitchen since we are in the Raleigh area several times a year. It’s very hard to find healthy meals when you’re on-the-road, but we’ve learned that we can count on the Living Kitchen.


The Living Kitchen Is our favorite “Secret Place” in Raleigh NC. Don’t visit Raleigh (or Charlotte) without stopping by to say hello the friendly folks who work there. And be sure to enjoy a great meal that’s good for you too! Check out their website by clicking on the link below:

Living Kitchen Raleigh and Charlotte


The Living Kitchen is cool because they have a really cool concept! Being Catholic is cool too. In fact, it’s Catholic Cool!

P.S. … we hope to add a caricature of Juliana Luna, the founder of Living Kitchen, here on the website soon too! Don’t forget to visit them when you’re in Raleigh or Charlotte!

In Christ.