Banking On A Memorable Stay

One of the new “Secret Places” for Catholic Roads is our recent discovery of The O’Neil Hotel in Kinston NC. We actually found this special hotel by accident while walking around town, waiting for our reservation time at the Chef and The Farmer restaurant.


“The O’Neil” makes a visit to Kinston absolutely perfect! This amazing, boutique hotel is a repurposed bank building in the heart of Kinston. Its current owner spent years having it remodeled, and today it boasts seven amazing rooms.

The O’Neil manages to be luxurious and elegant while remaining both cozy and comfortable. Each of its rooms is a “one-of-a-kind” work of artistry with its own unique charm and personality. And the hotel is within easy walking distance (two or three blocks) of great Kinston attractions like the Chef and the Farmer, Mother Earth  Brewing, the Boiler Room Oyster Bar, the Queen Street Deli, Caswell Number 1 Fire Station Museum, the Neuseway Nature Park, the Red Room Music Venue, the CSS Neuse Civil War ship (replica), the Lenoir County Farmers Market, and lots of other shops and galleries.


Check out the website for “The O’Neil” and be sure to make a reservation the next time you visit Kinston.

Click HERE.


“The O’Neil” is a beautiful and really cool, boutique hotel. And being Catholic is really cool too! It’s Catholic cool!

In Christ.


2 Replies to “Banking On A Memorable Stay”

    1. Yes, sister! And I know a place in town that would make a perfect, short article. It was an old music store at one time. It now has a secret garden, a tea room, and a chapel. It has a convent and a meeting place for college students. It houses a media center and is an event location for music at the Spoleto Festival. It’s an art gallery … and the list goes on!!!


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