Sr. Nancy Toon

We just completed our “Sr. Tracey Apology Tour” here online (just a joke …) and now we start on Sr. Nancy.


Wow! Sr. Nancy seems to be everywhere these days! She truly is a world traveler. Or as the Blues Brothers might have said, “She’s on a mission from God.”

We continued practicing our “stepped up” exaggeration when we did this caricature of her. Of course, we tried to keep the main things that make Sr. Nancy’s face exclusively her own, but we went with the enlarged eyes (lampstand and window to the soul … Mt 6:22) and gently exaggerated other facial features. The goal is for the viewers who know her to say, “Yeah, that looks like Sr. Nancy, but not exactly (it’s not a photo … it’s a caricature). There’s something different going on here.”

If you experience that, study the picture a little. Enjoy what has been done and have fun with this.

By the way, kudos to Sr. Nancy. Thanks for the many amazing things you do for the Daughters of St. Paul and the Kingdom of God.



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