Sr. Tracey Caricature

Our apologies to Sr. Tracey Dugas, FSP. You’ll better understand after seeing the cartoon and reading the comments below.


Ever since learning that Sr. Tracey would be taking on some new responsibilities for development with the Daughters of St. Paul, we were determined to do a caricature of her for online. So we did — but there’s more to the story.

About the same time, we learned about Sr. Tracey’s next big adventure, we had begun “stepping up the game” of exaggeration for our caricatures. Exaggerated features are (can be) a big part of making caricature interesting to do and fun to see. That is, while the caricature has to look like the person, maybe it doesn’t have to look so much like the person. Maybe the artist can add a “what if” factor to the sketch to show the viewer something a little different.

In the case of this caricature, we did a lot with the Sr. Tracey’s eyes and mouth. Bigger eyes speak to the lamp or window to the soul … Mt 6:22. This mouth belongs to a person who knows how and likes to talk (there’s a video online somewhere about Sr. Tracey talking).

And we reshaped her face a bit too. We wanted the cheeks to stand out. All in all, this is intended to be a happy face full of wonder for the magnificent people and things God has put around her. And oh yeah! The red scarf. It could easily become a personal trademark (if nuns had such things going on in their lives), given the popularity of the annual Pauline Christmas Concert tour.

Pauline Christmas Concert Tour


So maybe you see all this, and maybe you don’t. But if you see anything a little different in this caricature, that’s probably what you’re noticing. We plan to do more caricatures with an extra “touch of exaggeration,” hopefully not completely losing the person’s real identity.

Pray for us, of course. Those of you who know us personally know that we need all the help we can get!!! Enjoy and be blessed!


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