Catholic Gardener Review

In A Catholic Gardener’s Spiritual Almanac, Margaret Rose Realy explores the special blessing of being a Catholic and tending a garden too.


When we found this book at the Pauline Bookstore in Charleston SC, we privately wished it might lead us to lost secrets known only to Adam when he walked in Eden with God.  We even hoped we might find the peace that Jesus sought among the olive trees of Gethsemane before His Passion.

Those secrets are yet to be uncovered, and clearly, the author did not intend  for her book to be quite so dramatic.


What Realy does deliver is a pleasant path to an enduring encounter with our Lord. Along this path, we are introduced to traditions and feasts historically associated with each month of the year. We also encounter different Saints every month and explore their history as we learn about their connections to gardens. 

Realy introduces us to Biblical plants and reflections too, with companion prayers for every season of the year. And naturally, there are practical gardening tips as well.


A Catholic Gardener’s Spiritual Almanac, which was published by Ave Maria Press, is an invitation to a year-long, personal pilgrimage in your favorite garden. It’s a book especially for Catholics with a green thumb — and those who wish they had one.

And what about the surprise, you might ask? How about a closer walk with God in a garden near you! It doesn’t get much better than that on this side of Paradise.


Get this book and keep it handy! You’ll find yourself digging into it all year long. 

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