Dandelion Wine

Brother John Bedard! We might not always agree on everything, but Brother John is an incredibly talented human being with a passionate love for Jesus Christ and His Church. And we sure do love John — and really do love his music.


Let’s start by saying that, while John takes his music seriously, he doesn’t represent himself as being just a musician or a songwriter in his apostolate. John’s heart tends toward apologetics.

We worked our way through several videos on John’s YouTube channel, which is entitled “The Catholic Reformation.” John writes and sings songs that would be classified as “apologetics.” He uses song and music to defend the Catholic faith, and in a couple of those videos, you get a taste of just how passionately John will defend his Catholic faith.


The video we are reviewing today is entitled “Dandelion Wine.” We picked this video for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that the brand here at Catholic Roads is “Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!” In this video, we get two-out-of-three items from our brand.

So what’s the song about? Here’s the simple answer.

A so-called weed (the dandelion) gets turned into wine! But wait — that’s not all. Just like the Dandelion, another so-called weed (John and any of us who have been sinners … which is actually all of us) are also turned into wine by Christ. The world sees a dandelion (or a hopeless sinner), but Jesus sees a flower (or fruit) that can become fine wine.

It’s a great idea! It’s a wonderful story! It’s very creative! It’s based on both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. And it’s also true!


John’s song, entitled”Dandelion Wine,” might not ever get played on your local radio station, but it is fun to listen to on YouTube. And it has a really cool message too! He has some other songs on his YouTube channel that are equally fun.

John’s apologetics — served up in song — are cool. They are definitely Catholic Cool! Check out his YouTube channel soon. Show him some love. Give him some support!

In Christ!