We draw caricatures of famous people. Some are famous right now here on earth. Others are famous just in heaven (see Mt 7:22-23) and will be forever.

God knows them all, and most of them have a Catholic connection!


We call this part of our apostolate “In His Image!” When we caricature people, we’re looking for the divine nature in each of them.

Sure! We exaggerate and distort. But what makes us different is that we use caricature for evangelization and faith formation. There are important lessons to be learned when people contemplate who Jesus is (Mk 8:27) and who they are in Him.


The next time you plan a conference, a parish retreat, or some other special event, why not invite Catholic Roads to be part of it!

We’re on “the pilgrimage of life” and we’re documenting the entire journey — the shrines, the wines, and the interesting people that make up this world God created. They’re all on the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8), and we’re seeking the divine nature (Mt 6:33) in each of them through our caricatures!

Send us an invitation. We’ll be there if we can! We look forward to getting to know you now and forever!

“In His Image!” is definitely Catholic Cool!


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