A Heavenly Perspective

It really is hard to see what happens behind those old panes of glass sometimes. We’re talking about the many, nondescript windows overlooking the quaint streets of America’s most historic cities. The corner window in the upper room at the rear of the Pauline Bookstore in Charleston SC has just such a window. And behind that window, one nun quietly shares secrets about the street below with someone she really loves.


Sr. Margaret, FSP, is one of those “media nuns” (Daughters of St. Paul) you might have heard about. Painting beautiful pictures is a favorite gig for her.  And if you thought of it as  Sr. Margaret’s “side hustle,” it would be easy to forgive you. That’s because, whenever she has a chance, Sr. Margaret climbs the creaky old stairs that lead to her studio. Not only is this a peaceful place for her to paint, but it’s also where the real “side hustle” occurs.


As she paints, Sr. Margaret engages in “people watching.” It’s not that she’s a nosey old nun. She’s NOT. But watching the people on the street below opens the door for many lovely conversations between her and Jesus.

Behind this corner window, she gets to pray for students and faculty from the College of Charleston, which is adjacent to the bookstore. She also prays for the many other folks who briefly appear onstage beneath her perch. Through the window, countless people unknowingly have become the recipient of silent love found only in prayer.


Have you walked past the Pauline Bookstore on King Street in Charleston lately? If so, maybe you can remember something special — something really cool — that happened in your life soon after. Who knows — it’s possible that Sr. Margaret might have talked to Jesus about you too!

Being Catholic is cool. It’s Catholic Cool!


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