Life is a pilgrimage. Along the way, we’re blessed to experience the shrines, wines, and interesting people God uses to mark His “Holy Highway” (Isa 35:8).

Catholic Roads was established by Beth and Frank in 2017 as a media apostolate. We’re part of the “new evangelization,” evangelizing Catholics and helping to shape the culture around us.


Beth is a convert to the Catholic church. Frank is a revert. They live on a small farm in the middle of South Carolina where they are active in Holy Trinity parish. They also have connections to St. Joseph parish and St. Michael’s catholic community, which is part of the Archdiocese of the Military Services.

Beth and Frank are members of the Pauline Family where they are promised Cooperators (similar to a third order or tertiary, though the Pauline Family does not work that way). The Paulines use media to evangelize the world.

The couple belongs to the Diocese of Charleston. Believing that you start in Jerusalem, spreading through Judea and Samaria, and then to the ends of the world (Acts 1:8), the Charleston Diocese figures heavily into the work they do on Catholic Roads. (see Herman Nootks).


Catholic Roads produces media, usually under the pen name of Rom Webster. Rom Webster is not actually a single person, but a team of people. The name stands for “Reach One Media” (Rom) and “web stuff” (webster).


At Catholic Roads, we travel. We meet people, and we observe where they live and work.

As we go, we enjoy sketching and writing. Some of that work ends up here on Catholic Roads. And though we’re by no means comedians, we do try to include humor when possible. Fortunately, humor doesn’t always have to make others laugh. Often, it just surprise people with the truth. and makes the soul smile.

We’re full of surprises at Catholic Roads. We call our blend of surprise and laughter “divine humor!”


A big part of our focus is on vocation. When we speak of vocation, however, we extend its meaning beyond the priestly and religious sense.

Vocation can be a life focused on faith, family and work, lived in community within the context of culture. It is, simultaneously, both dramatic and humorous. For the everyday Catholic, vocation is like a “three-act play.”

  1. ACT I: God calls
  2. ACT II: We respond
  3. ACT III: Life happens

It is in Act III where the comedy and drama really unfold. And that makes it really “Cool 2B” Catholic. Catholic Cool!