But strive first for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

— Mt 6:33 (NRSV)


We draw caricatures. We tell stories. And sometimes we stand at the edge of the earth contemplating life.

Welcome to the Holy Highway (Is 35:8)!


Everyone has a story. The stories we tell are about the beautiful bride of Christ. She is the Church Jesus started, and has been building and protecting for 2000 years. (Mt 16:18)

The Church today has many amazing people. Jesus knows all of us. We want to get to know more of them too! That’s what we’re doing here on Catholic Roads.

God has given us some wonderful gifts to use with this ministry. A talent for caricature. A spirit of joy when telling stories. A passion for writing. A deep respect for good media. And a love for His people and their souls.

We can’t tell everyone’s story, of course, so we’re settling on stories about vocation and commitment. Our stories include priests, seminarians, and religious people. They also include lay people making unusual contributions to the Kingdom of God.


The faces of faith come in all sizes and shapes and colors. They’re young and old — and in between too. We’re searching the Holy Highway (Is 35:8) for some of them.

We’ll be telling their stories our way! And hopefully, in those stories, we’ll be revealing the great secret too. The great secret will invite some of you who might not yet be on the Holy Highway to join us on this amazing journey.

The secret? Well, we’re all travelers. We’re all on a journey.

We’re like little seeds right now. But some day, we will all be fully grown. We will become the deliciously ripe fruit of the vine. (cf. Jn 15:5)


God calls. People respond (… or not). And life happens. Vocation and commitment are the keys to fulfillment.

“Be” who God made you to be, or risk “becoming” something completely different and unrecognizable — a poorly drawn spiritual caricature!

Peace and joy are yours when you learn to be the wonderful person God made you to be. Listen for His voice and respond when He calls.

You’ll find yourself on the Holy Highway (Is 35:8).


Vocation works because God calls you to do good works with your life. Faith without works is dead (Jas 2:17).

Listen for His voice and Respond when He calls.


Come on in! Look around our web site. Follow us here on the blog, on social media, and wherever we go out there on the Holy Highway!

We’re using caricature and stories to help our friends live the amazing life God is calling us to live!

Vivat Jesus!


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