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We use creative ways to catechize and evangelize the world around us. When you visit us here on Catholic Roads or our social media sites, you’ll find lots of cartoon-style folk art, storytelling, and humor. We use them to reach people around us with the love of Jesus.

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. It’s cool to be Catholic!

Catholic Media


Catholic media is the most significant resource the Church has to catechize and evangelize the world.

Catholic media comes in many sizes and shapes. The media ranges from television and radio to newspapers and magazines. It includes social media, diocesan newspapers, and even parish bulletins.

We’re part of the Catholic Media Association (CMA), and we happily promote Catholic media whenever we can.

Life Is A Journey — A Pilgrimage!


Holy places! Every parish in the Chucktown Diocese has them. We’ll visit some together.


Fruit of the vine. The faithful of Chucktown bear much fruit that you can enjoy everyday.


People are always the most interesting! You’ll meet some and pray together with them too.

Prayer Pilgrimage

Our stories are interactive. Walk with us and pray your way across
the Chucktown Diocese …
without ever leaving your home!
We’ll be your “tour guide”
on this very special pilgrimage!

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