A highway will be there, called the holy way; no one unclean may pass over it, but it will be for his people; no traveler, not even fools, shall go astray on it.

— Isa 36:8 (NABRE)


Let’s go someplace — let’s do it together. And lets have some fun as we go. We’ll be searching for “shrines, wines, and interesting people.” They’re all around us everyday.

Welcome to the Holy Highway! It is a mysterious and inspiring road to travel.

The Entry Place

Who are you? Where are you going? And how will you get there? They sound like simple questions, but they are actually like the entry/exit ramp for an interstate highway.

Are you who you think you are? Or have you become a caricature of yourself, deluded by your own self-concept?

What if everyone else in the world you encounter sees you differently from how you see yourself? Is your self-concept just a caricature of the real you? Or maybe what the world sees is just a caricature?

And then there’s God? Of course, many people go through life and never even catch a glimpse of Him. But what about those who do — do they actually see Him as He is.? And how does God see us?

The Journey

We’ll explore these questions together as we move along the Holy Highway. We’ll be doing it with caricature, of course.

Behind it all is a simple idea. Everyone has a story. And since we love to tell stories and also to draw caricatures, that’s what you can expect from us as your travel companion.

We’ll be looking at the ordinary things, expecting to find the extraordinary things that most people seem to misuse everyday. And we’ll share some of it here on the “Holy Highway” blog.

Just beyond every ordinary place is something amazing. Just past the first sip of a new wine is something special. And just beneath the skin of a normal person is something so unique and so special that there’s never been another one like him (or her) and never will be again.

go down the road on our journey. And we’ll have fun doing it too — because we’ll be using caricature to fuel our travels.

Caricature opportunities are everywhere. It is a sustainable fuel for

We’re on a journey, seeking simplicity and beauty. We linger at the crossroads of truth and wisdom, and sometimes even sip the wine of love. On the Holy Highway, we uncover shrines, wines, and interesting people.

It happens all around us everyday.

Our favorite places are the old places. Most (but not all) are in small towns and rural communities. They’re the ones that grew up near the rail tracks long ago. They’re ones few people visit these days.

They’re in decline.

The old folks we meet in the country tell us “it’s after midnight” for them. It’s their way of saying it’s getting late. Those same old folks tell us something else too.

“After midnight,” they say, “the angels come and pray. The old saints who once prayed there sleep now, but the angels continue the sacred tradition.”

Those angels accompany the Ancient of Days (Dan 7:9) as He gently recaptures what He once created.


We’re traveling the Holy Highway with “pen and paint” in hand (it’s all digital, folks). We’ll be pausing to sketch and paint those old places. We’ll be pausing for a holy moment with the angels too — and with the Ancient of Days as well.

We’ll post those holy moments here on “The Holy Highway” website. We’ll tell you about our little, spiritual adventures and invite you to enjoy our folk art too.

Who knows? Maybe some of those pictures will be available on greeting cards and framable artwork too. We’ll let the Lord lay the path for that, however.

For now, just come! Join us on the Holy Highway for your spiritual adventure. The Bible tells us that almost anyone can do it (Isa 35:8).

Let us travel together. Let us pray!

Vivat Jesus!