Welcome to Catholic Roads!

We pray for our neighbors and evangelize our culture. We tell Porch Stories laced with good humor too. And along the way, there are those shrines, wines, and interesting people that have been part of the Catholic Church for 2000 years.

Come along with us here online. Sit on the front porch. Listen to some great Porch Stories. They’re all true, of course —some more so than others!

It’s cool to be Catholic. Really cool. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!

About Us

Our Vision and Mission

We’re a Catholic apostolate evangelizing the culture with Porch Stories and good humor.

The media we use has a global reach. The stories we tell are almost always local. Thus we say, what we do is “glocal.”

When the sun sets, the porch gets full, and the stories come alive. That’s how it is along the Bull Swamp Creek not far from where it empties into the Edisto River.

Find It On Catholic Roads


Holy places! Every parish in the Chucktown Diocese has them. We’ll visit some together.


Fruit of the vine. The faithful of Chucktown bear much fruit that you can enjoy everyday.


People are always the most interesting! You’ll meet some and pray together with them too.

Prayer Pilgrimage

Our stories are interactive. Walk with us and pray your way across
the Chucktown Diocese …
without ever leaving your home!
We’ll be your “tour guide”
on this very special pilgrimage!

Let’s Be Friends!

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