Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!

Welcome to Catholic Roads.

Life is a journey. When you follow Jesus and seek His Kingdom (Mt 6:33), you’re traveling the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8)! Along the way, we all encounter shrines, wines, and interesting people!

Catholic Roads is life on the Holy Highway.

Great Stories! Lasting Memories!

We tell stories. Like most stories you might hear sitting on a porch somewhere in the country, we guarantee our stories to be absolutely true — except those parts we “adjusted” to make them more interesting. But that’s how it usually is with storytellers.

Our style is unique. We do flash fiction, which is ultra-short, short stories (200 words or less). And we couple them with folk art — usually on a single panel. They resemble a cartoon, with a bit more dialogue than usual. We describe them as folk art with flash fiction stories!

Interesting People — Caricature Too!

You meet the nicest people on the Holy Highway. We like to draw caricatures of some of those friendly folks. Our caricatures are pretty good, though sometimes, we draw a few bad ones too (we don’t publish the bad ones on our website). Good or bad, they all have the same message — “Your identity is important.”

We want folks to know themselves better. We want them to know the Lord too. We’re all made in His image and likeness (Gn 1:27). So we use caricature to teach some important life lessons.

We’ll tell you about that later. For now, check out the samples below:

And Chivalrous Knights As Well!

Did you know?

There are Knights on the Holy Highway! They look like ordinary people — but just wait until there’s trouble. That’s when the Knights come to the rescue.

You’ll meet some Knights from the Chucktown Diocese and elsewhere here on our website. Get ready because Knights still really do live today!

Fun and Spiritual Adventure!

Get ready for a spiritual adventure! Changing the world can be a lot of fun!

It’s cool to be Catholic!

Prayer Camping on the Holy Highway.

Journey With Us On The Holy Highway!

Come join us on the Holy Highway. You can access the Holy Highway at a parish near you … or just plug into Catholic media any time!

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