Welcome to Catholic Roads!

We tell Porch Stories to evangelize and catechize our little corner of the world. Come sit on the porch and listen to a tall tale or two as you sip sweet tea and watch the sun set.

Meet the good folks at Holy Trinity parish. Eavesdrop on Bishop Bob and Herman, his Cathedral mouse. And enjoy getting to know lots of other interesting people in the Chucktown Diocese.

The stories we tell are 100%, completely true — except the parts we add to make them more fun and interesting.

Did we say it really is cool to be Catholic? That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

Life Is A Pilgrimage!


Holy places! Every parish in the Chucktown Diocese has them. We’ll visit some together.


Fruit of the vine. The faithful of Chucktown bear much fruit that you can enjoy everyday.


People are always the most interesting! You’ll meet some and pray together with them too.

Let’s Be Friends!

Contact us any time with your questions or comments.