Welcome to Catholic Roads!

Let us pray!

Join us as we pray our way across
the Diocese of Charleston and around the world.
We’ll do it all without ever leaving
the comfort and convenience home!

Along the way, we’ll encounter some
“Shrines, Wines, and Interesting People!”

Expect to sit on a front porch or two
and to hear some great, old Porch Stories.
They’re all true, of course —
some more so than others!

And while we’re out there on that Holy Highway,
we might even get a new perspective on life!

About Us

The Mission

The Vision

The Holy Highway

We’re reminding Catholics everywhere how cool the Church Jesus started 2000 years ago is today. It’s still very cool to be Catholic!

Using new media and technology, we’ll go together on a Prayer Pilgrimage. We’ll pray our way across the Diocese of Charleston and visit other places in need of special prayer too. You won’t need a lot of time or money to join us because it all happens without ever leaving home!

“Catholic Roads” is your invitation to a life of pilgrimage and prayer. The vision comes from the “Holy Highway” in the Bible (Isa 35:8).

What Here Online

Prayer Pilgrimage

Pray with us as we walk the streets of South Carolina and the world without ever leaving your home.

Catholic Cartoons

Join our Cathedral mouse Herman Nootks, the Bishop, “Opa,” and others for insights into the Bible and the Catechism.

Porch Stories

Sit on some front porches with us for old timey storytelling on the Holy Highway. They’re all true … some more true than others!

Prayer Pilgrimage

Walk with us and pray your way across
the Diocese of Charleston and around the world.
Do it without ever leaving your home!
We’ll be your “tour guide”
on this very special pilgrimage!

Let’s Be Friends!

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