Rom Webster

Caricaturist! Story teller! Bible teacher! Saltwater fan!

Hi, I’m Rom. I’m part of the Catholic Roads team.

We love to draw caricatures, and we love to tell stories. So we’ve put these two, very cool things together into a wonderful ministry and apostolate.

Our small team travels the “Holy Highway” (Isa 35:8) glorifying God and bringing joy to people with caricatures and stories! It’s a spiritual journey, of course. Below are recent examples of our work!

Justice isn’t always fair. Mercy neither.
Plan on changing your plans.
“Da Nuns” have Bible quizzes for everyone.
Real people become great cartoon characters!
You can always trust Jesus, and He’s in charge!
We’re all the same, but in different ways.
Caricatures and stories are a great place to start, sister!
You make a good caricature. Your life, a great story!
Ideas for caricature and stories are everywhere!

Good Start. What’s Next?

The world’s a mess. Maybe we can tell the world about the Kingdom of God together (Mt 24:14)! Here’s how …

If You’re Catholic Media

If you’re part of Catholic media (including your parish bulletin), consider using cartoon features in your publications. Did we say that they’re free — SORTA (sort of)!

We don’t charge anything for Catholic media to use them, though we do ask that you consider leaving us a tip online. You can do that right here on our website.

We will soon include a PASSWORD page where Catholic media can access high resolution (300 dpi) images for publishing. Stay tuned!

If You’re Part of a Ministry Group

For groups and ministries like the Knights of Columbus or the food pantry, for example, we can create posters with caricatures of your knights or ministry team They can be used to recruit new members and remind current members about meetings and activities.

If You’re a Priest or a Deacon

How about a Christmas or Easter card!

A card with caricatures of your staff is a wonderful way to say “Merry Christmas” to members of the parish. We can create holiday greeting cards (post card style) ready for download and printing.

If You’re Part of a Seminary

This is a lot of fun!!!

We’re working on an interesting project right now. We’re creating caricatures of all the guys graduating from a regional seminary (unbeknownst to the guys, so we’re not saying the name of the seminary publicly). They’re all preparing for ordination as priests.

The seminary has a tradition of doing an annual dinner at the end of every year. They “roast” the transitional deacons at that special event. It happens just before ordination.

The underclass theology students are planning to use caricatures as part of the evening’s activities.

For our party, we’re doing caricatures of each man. Then we’re creating a short video that will enable everyone in the room to “watch us draw” those caricatures on a big screen. Through the magic of video editing, the video will only last about two minutes.

It’s going to be fun! Highly entertaining! And most memorable for the new priests! And each new priest will start his priestly ministry with a caricature in his pocket. That’s hard to beat!!!

We can do this kind of project for almost any seminary at a distance, no matter where you are. And we can do variations of this service for other events that are not at a seminary.

The short video below demonstrates the type of technology we use to show an audience the caricature being drawn.

Next Steps

Look around our website. Read some or our “stories.” You’ll find them in the blog, aptly entitled “Face It!

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And finally, if you have an idea you want us to help with you (like the seminary did or for Christmas cards, etc.), use the CONTACT page to get in touch with us.

For Catholic Media

We’re available to be interviewed for Catholic radio and podcasts too! Let us tell your listeners how we use caricatures and stories to tell the world the Good News of the Gospel and how cool it is to be Catholic!

Use the CONTACT page to get in touch with us too!

Our Story

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!

Vivat Jesus!