Live Pilgrimage!
(Is 35:8)

It’s cool to be Catholic!


The Bible speaks of a holy highway (Is 35:8). Apparently, it can be entered everywhere because its location is not defined. It is universal — Catholic. Thus, we call the life of pilgrimage “Catholic Roads.” It is a holy way of living. It is the Way! The Truth! And the Life! (Jn 14:6). You cannot follow our Lord without becoming a pilgrim yourself. This is not your home; we’re just passing through. That’s a key element of discipleship and a little secret that everyone should know.



The Catholic church is the church started by Jesus. It is the church you read about in the Book of Acts.


The Catholic church gave the Bible to the world. The Bible is the book of the Church.


The Catholic church is one church and a worldwide family (Mt 24:14). 


The Catholic church includes people from every race. You will find us wherever there are people. We are a single Church (Jn 17:21) with a unified family all around the world — each following the same faith and doctrine, and all sharing in the same prayer and missions everyday with 1.2 billion other Catholics.

We still believe what Jesus taught His disciples and still practice the same faith that was practiced by first century Christians. We have never broken away from this faith or altered it. And we have preserved the documents and teachings from the early Church fathers which give great detail about the faith of the first-century church.


The Catholic church has made a lasting impact on the world in other ways too.

  • We are the largest charitable organization in the world.
  • We educate more children than any other organization in the world.
  • We gave the world the “scientific method” for research and exploration.
  • We have been the primary, enduring supporter of the arts in the world for about a thousand years.
  • And we have preserved the faith that Jesus taught His disciples 2,000 years ago. We still do the same things in the same way that Jesus taught His disciples to do them.

How’s that for starters!


“How did the Catholics get all the churches and shrines at all the historic sites in the Holy Land?” an annoyed man asked out loud during a recent tour of Israel. “Where are the sites with Protestant churches and shrines?”

“They were here when it happened,” his wife responded. A provocative silence fell upon the group made up mostly of Protestant clergy. The very idea still causes many to pause when they consider what was in front of them then — and now.


“Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!” It’s more than a cliche. It defines the cool factor of being Catholic. And why would anyone be surprised that it’s cool to be part of the family that was “there when it happened“? Why wouldn’t it be cool to be part of “the thing” Jesus started during His short mission here on earth as Emmanuel!

Living Catholic is a journey. It’s a pilgrimage. And it’s really cool to go out on Catholic Roads everyday. Check out the short video below for a whole, different perspective on being “Catholic Cool”.

Vocation Works

The story of your life is revealed quietly in ordinary events. It’s supporting characters are introduced through happenstance and circumstance. And though your life will likely pass largely unnoticed, your vocation and career will make it a truly remarkable moment in time.


Your story is part of God’s larger, amazing story. You enter into His story through vocation — a call by God to come to Him and to fulfill His plan and purpose for your life (Jer 29:11). Vocation works and work definitely has its own spirituality.

On the Vocation Works website, we explore the spirituality of work. We take a unique approach to this special spirituality. We use career development theory to connect career directly with vocation. And of course, Catholic Social Teaching (should) impact career planning because it reconciles well with leading career development theories.

Your workplace is an important place to God. And your work actually matters a lot to Him too. Learn how your Catholic faith can make a difference to you, your family, and your community between the Sundays where most people spend most of their life each day — in the workplace.


God calls. We respond. Life happens. That’s vocation. We see it play out in our careers everyday. Vocation works because our God is at work!


Everyone really does have a story. Learn how to make YOUR STORY part of GOD’S STORY for you. For more information, check out the Vocation Works website.

Bible Study Cartoons

“From the desk” (actually, the iPad) of Rom Webster (aka Frank), Bible Study Cartoons breath new life into evangelization, faith formation, and discipleship. The cartoons connect to Bible stories — but they don’t always tell exactly what happened. Instead, they ask the question, “What would you have done …”


Bible Story Cartoons get you thinking: “What if I were there? What would I have said or done if I had that same encounter with Jesus? How might I have reacted?” When we see ourselves in a Bible story, it takes on new meaning. And it delivers new power, purpose, and potential for our lives too.

What You’ll Find In Bible Study Cartoons


When you know the stories, you know “His Story.” And you’ll always have the Bible with you.


The cartoons ask the question: “What would I have done if I were the person in that story?”


The best teacher is a good question asked. Our questions help you think about your faith.

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The Echos

“The Echos” is our digital schoolhouse online. It’s where we speak to folks (24/7) about the Bible, prayer, the spirituality of work, and many other things of importance to your faith!


At “The Echos,” of course, you’ll find our Bible Study Cartoons series. Right now, we have stories from the Book of Matthew there, but there’s more to come. But we have more.

Perhaps the most significant project that we’re working on is our “spirituality of work” courses. Work is so important to Jesus. He spent the first 30 years of his life mostly in a carpenter’s workshop. Our Father in heaven is a working God. And we were made in God’s image and likeness. Good work is a blessing to God’s people.

And as part of the Pauline Family, we have training online of importance to the Pauline laity. And we anticipate having “media” training from the Daughters of St. Paul at some time too.


We’re still at the beginning of “The Echos” history. So get onboard with us and pray us to the point that we fulfill God’s call for us.

In Christ!