Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People!

We travel the Holy Highway (Isa 35:8) in and around the Diocese of Charleston (Chucktown). Along the way, we visit some parishes and talk with priests, deacons, nuns there. We also talk with the “real people” too. And we sip the wine that makes Catholic life so sweet!

It’s cool to be Catholic!

Great Stories!

We’ve been known to stop at a home somewhere out in the country to sit on a front porch and tell some stories. Most people are surprised to learn that our stories are actually true — except for the parts we might add to make them more interesting. We call that “local color”!

Caricatures Too!

You meet the nicest people on the Holy Highway — especially in Chucktown! Every now and then, we draw caricatures of some of the great folks we meet. And we share a few of them with you here online.

And Chivalrous Knights Too!

And did you know, there are Knights on the Holy Highway too? For real!

They look like ordinary people — but when there’s trouble, the Knights have been known to come to the rescue. We tell stories about some of those Knights. And we illustrate those stories too. We call our stories about the Knights “Knight Life.”

Fun and Spiritual Adventure!

Being Catholic is a great spiritual adventure. Traveling the Holy Highway in and around Chucktown is amazing! We’ll tell you more about that here on our website. But don’t take our word for it — get out on the Holy Highway and see for yourself. And if you don’t live near Chucktown, get to know the Diocese where you live.

It’s cool to be Catholic!

Prayer Camping on the Holy Highway.

Journey With Us On The Holy Highway!

Come join us on the Holy Highway. You can access the Holy Highway at a parish near you … or just plug into Catholic media any time!

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