Life is a pilgrimage! It is an adventure. And as we go, we encounter Christ in the Shrines, Wines, and Interesting people who come our way to enrich our lives and be enriched by us.


The Bible reveals an important secret. There is a “Holy Highway” (Is 35:8). It is a mysterious road that meanders everywhere in the world. Not everyone cab travel the Holy Highway, however. We know that unclean people don’t travel it, though it’s common to encounter a foolish person along the way. And that’s okay because nobody ever takes a wrong turn on the Holy Highway. Best of all, no matter where they start their journey, the Holy Highways leads all travelers to heaven (Jn 14:6).


The Holy Highway is Catholic Roads. Like the Catholic Church itself, Catholic Roads are universal and exist for all people in all places. Everyone who embarks on Catholic Roads encounters three (3) amazing things:

  • Shrines — God (Ex 3:14).
  • Wines — themselves (Jer 29:11; Ps 104:15)
  • Interesting People — other amazing people (Mt 22:39).


Shrines! Wines! And Interesting People! Start your pilgrimage on Catholic Roads today!